Economy in Brief


  2011 2012
Population 29.0 million 29.34 million
GDP RM881.1 billion RM936.2 billion
GDP Growth 5.2% 6.5%
Per capita income RM29,661 RM30,956
Inflation rate (CPI) 3.2% 1.9%
Labour force 12.6 million 12.9 million
Unemployment 3.0% 3.1%
Total export (f.o.b.) RM696.1 billion RM713.1 billion
Total import (c.i.f.) RM548.5 billion RM584.3 billion
Major exports •   Electrical and electronic products
•   Palm oil and palm oil-based products
•   Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
•   Crude petroleum
•   Chemicals and chemical products
•   Refined petroleum products
Major imports •   Electrical and electronic products
•   Machinery, appliances and parts
•   Chemicals and chemical products
•   Manufactures of metal
•   Transport equipment
e - estimates      f - forecast

Sources: Malaysian Economy in Figures 2010 (Economic Planning Unit), Social Statistics Bulletin Malaysia 2009 (Department of Statistics)




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