Living in Malaysia

Political Stability
Malaysia has enjoyed 52 years of uninterrupted political and social stability since achieving independence in 1957.

Multilingual Advantage
With Malaysia's multicultural environment, most of the population is at least bilingual. English is widely spoken along with vernaculars such as Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil and others.

Young and Growing Population
Malaysia falls into the category of a young society with close to one-third of its population below the age of 14.

Good Travel Infrastructure
The country's strength in infrastructure is reflected in an extensive network of highways that link all major cities and towns. The North-South Expressway is the major motorway that spans from north to south of the peninsular and is part of the Asian highway network which connects into Thailand and Singapore.

Sound Basic Infrastructure & Amenities
Electricity consumption is high and available with minimum interruption. Water and sanitation facilities reach a large percentage of households. Malaysia is globally connected through a host of communication service providers from internet and mobile to satellite technology.

International Events
The famed Monsoon Cup in the East Coast, Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show, Malaysian F1 Grand Prix and the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak are amongst the many world-class events that draws both local and international crowds by the thousands.

Summer All Year Round
Malaysia is located near the equator and enjoys a tropical climate. The average temperature is 20°C - 30°C all year round. On the west coast of the peninsular, the monsoon season lasts from September to December while on the east coast, the season runs from October to February.

Multi-racial Mix
Islam is constitutionally recognised as the official religion while Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism among others, are also practiced freely.

Golf Haven
Malaysia boasts close to 200 golf courses, some of which are designed by renowned names such as Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent-Jones, Max Wexler, Ted Parslow and more. The main draw in Malaysia is quality golfing that comes at good value, starting from USD$50.

Away from Natural Disaster Zones
Malaysia is strategically located away from the earthquake belt and the Pacific Ring of Fire.




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